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Advocacy & Community Organising

 FANM organizes year-round to create a movement that shifts the balance of power, change policies, and create a more balanced, equitable society where every voice is lifted, every life is valued.



Ongoing Campaigns

Stop Deportation


The Planned Eviction of the Little Farm Mobile Home Owners


Dominican Republic  Crisis


Comprehensive Immigration Reform


Citizenship: How to Become a U.S. Citizen


In-State Tuition for Haitian Students with TPS


Voter Education/GOTV


Little Haiti Gentrification/Affordable Housing



Past Campaigns and Wins

Fighting Deportation to Haiti


FANM has led the fight to stop deportation to Haiti for the past 22 years. In addition to organizing on the ground, FANM Executive Director Marleine Bastien testified in 2011 and 2012 in front of the OAS Human Rights Committee on the impact of deportations on Haitian and immigrant families.  President Obama stopped all deportations to Haiti in 2010 only to resume them a year later.  Our work continues to save 40 chronically and terminally ill family members from deportation every year.


Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) December 23, 1997.


F.A.N.M organized locally and nationally to persuade President Clinton to approve DED to protect Haitians who will qualify for HRIFA from deportation in 1997 .

Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act of 1998


FANM/HAGC were the leading organizing entities for HIRFA (The Haitian Immigration Refugee Fairness Act ) which was signed into law by President Clinton in 1998,  and helped 50,000 become permanent residents.  During the campaign, FANM/HAGC organized the biggest contingent of participants ( 1,000 from Miami, mainly FANM’s clients) to a  Washington D.C. demonstration which brought 30,000 strong composed of  Haitians and their supporters to Washington , D.C.  .  The members also met with lawmakers on the Hill to educate them about the impact of detention and deportation on families, especially children.

Dream Act


FANM, in collaboration with Haitian-American Youths of Tomorrow organized locally and nationally for the approval of the DREAM ACT.  We took young students to Washington for over 10 years to be their own voices and speak with lawmakers in Washington in support of the DREAM Act.   (President Obama approved DACA in 2012).


Temporary Protected Status


Fanm Ayisyen Nan Miyami (F.A.N.M.)  led a 3-year campaign which led President Obama to approve  an administrative order  for Temporary Protected Status in 2010.  FANM continued its organizing and T.P.S. has been renewed every year since approval.  However, the Trump administration recently terminated TPS for Haiti ,  Salvador, Nicaragua, and several African nations.  Honduras will know about its fate this year.    FANM is  now organizing local and national organizations to find a permanent solutions for the 300,000 TPS with a path to citizenship. 


Family Reunification Parole Program


FANM organized its members for 5 years to have this measure approved by President Obama in 2014.  It organizes local and national rallies, in addition to several trips to Washington D. C. to educate lawmakers on the issue. A small delegation met with Vice-President Joe Biden who gave his support for the measure.  Ms. Bastien spoke directly with President Obama while he was visiting a local High School. He told Ms. Bastien: “I’ll look into it”.


Comprehensive Immigration Reform


On-going Campaign in collaboration with FLIC (FANM is a founding member of FLIC).


Past Successful Campaigns Include : Small Class Class Size (Statewide campaigns) in collaboration with United Teachers and other unions, Wage Theft ( In collaboration with FLIC, We Count, Miami Workers Center, FNM, et al….)


Ending of ICE Detainers (unfortunately , Mayor Carlos Gimenez reinstated it last year ! )


With We Count, FLIC, UM Legal Clinic, U.M. Human Rights Clinic, Catholic Charities Legal Services, Kurzban+Kuzban Weinger Tetzeliand Pratt  Law Firm.


Reduction of Nursing Home Patient Ratio


80 percent of Nurses’ Aides are immigrant –mainly Haitian women—in collaboration with SEIU.

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