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The U.S. Census 

FANM has been a long-term partner for the U.S. Census. Over the years, FANM has played key roles in outreach to hard to reach populations. The 2020 Census determines what the next decade will look like for Florida and for our local communities. This includes funds for hospitals, schools, roads, housing, representation in government and so much more.

Since mid October 2019, FANM actively led efforts to get a complete count in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.  FANM hosted census meetings and delegated twenty canvassers and volunteers on all hard to reach corners to get a complete count in order to secure our community’s fair share of federal resources. Canvassers knocked on doors five days a week, handing out flyers and encouraging residents to complete the census. FANM uses social media to engage the younger generation and multiply our reach.

If you haven't filled out the census yet, please click on this link to be counted! It only takes 10 minutes. The US Census Bureau provides webpages and guides in 59 languages and you can also call the Bureau for support in the language of your choice


We Count! Nou Konte! 

Nosotros Contamos!

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