Help Haiti


In January 2010, Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake that killed over 250,000 and quasi destroyed Haiti’s infrastructure. On October 4th, 2016, Haiti  was hit by Hurricane Matthew which devastated most of the south, the breadbasket of the country. Food insecurity, political volatility, and lack of employment prospects mean that many bright young Haitians look to build a life elsewhere. Since the 1960s, Haiti has suffered one of the largest brain-drains of any country in the world. According to one study, Haiti is losing between 70-90% of its college-educated workforce every year.

FANM is currently implementing an education pilot project in Arcahaie and Camp Perrin which includes teacher training and supporting the education of 500 children. Their families will receive training on how to grow foods in restricted parcels of land, and on the importance of preventive health care. Instead of handouts, which build dependence on NGOs, these families will be given the tools to contribute to their own empowerment, sustainability, and transformation.

Help us in our mission to support Haiti by sponsoring a child! A monthly donation of $5, $10, $50, $100 or $1,000 can help support an entire family!