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FANM Sustainable Villages in Haiti

Haiti is the first black republic in the world.  In 1804, the Haitian people won independence through a successful revolution that abolished slavery, and gave hope to enslaved and disenfranchised people around the world. Since then, Haiti has been demonized by the West and continuously depicted as strange, incomprehensible and dangerous. As scholar Michel-Ralph Trouillot once said, “the more Haiti appears weird, the easier it is to forget that it represents the longest neo-colonial experiment in the history of the West”.

Years of American and subsequently U.N. occupation and punitive trade agreements have hampered Haiti’s infrastructural and economic development. Hostile political regimes and dictatorship also contributed to chronic political insecurity. In January 2010, the country was struck by a devastating earthquake that killed over 200,000 and quasi destroyed Haiti’s infrastructure. On October 4, 2016, Haiti  was hit by Hurricane Matthew which devastated most of the south, the breadbasket of the country. Food insecurity, political volatility, and lack of employment prospects mean that many bright young Haitians look to build a life elsewhere. Since the 1960s, Haiti has suffered one of the largest brain-drains of any country in the world. According to one study, Haiti is losing between 70-90% of its college-educated work force every year. The journey that young Haitians take to the United States and elsewhere is dangerous and many of them are incarcerated, mistreated or sexually assaulted during their life-threatening odyssey.

FANM believes that in order to help Haiti rebuild and quell the continuous flow of refugees and migrants attempting dangerous voyages that put their lives in peril, we must intervene in Haiti. Our sphere of intervention will be in education, economic development and health.  We are currently implementing an education pilot project in Arcahaie and Camp Perin which includes teacher training and supporting the education of 500 children. Their families will receive training on how to grow foods in  restricted parcels of land, and on the importance of preventive health care.  Instead of handouts which build dependence on NGOs, these families will be given the tools to contribute to their own empowerment, sustainability, and transformation.

Help us in our mission to support Haiti by sponsoring a child! All you have to do is fill out this form, and for just $12 a month you can support an entire family.

Remember, it is in giving that we receive!