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  • Rhenie Dalger

FANM debuted the Spelling Bee Context with a BANG!!!

Family Action Network movement (FANM) first Spelling Bee Contest was a huge success.

On Friday, July 27, 2018, over thirty youth leaders participated in FANM's first Spelling Bee Competition held at FANM's location. FANM would like to thank all of the youth leaders who participated and congratulate our winners:

First Place Winner / First Place Trophy and Backpacks with School Supplies: FANM Site

Second Place Winner / Second Place Trophy: North Miami Elementary

Third Place Winner/ Third Place Trophy: Toussaint Louverture Elementary

A special thank you to our judges, Ms. Marleine Bastien, Executive Director of Family Action Network Movement (FANM); Ms. Rodha Louissaint, After School Program Manager; and Mr. Eric, one of our volunteers. Thank you to Evelyne Baille, Youth Lead Coordinator who organized the event.

FANM's mission is to empower low to moderate income families socially, financially, and politically and to give them the tools to transform their communities. FANM has a long-standing commitment to meeting the needs of low to moderate-income families and children since 1991 through counseling, wrap around services, access to health care, community outreach/ education, job training/economic development, financial literacy, organizing & advocacy services.

Anyone interested in learning more about this very active organization is welcome to contact

Congrats to our youth leaders for an amazing performance in the spelling bee contest!

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