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FANM Denounces the Violence and Serious Hardships Facing the People of Haiti !


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September 17, 2022

Family Action Network Movement (FANM) Denounces the Violence and Serious Hardships Facing the People of Haiti !

MIAMI, FL - Family Action Network Movement (FANM) is gravely concerned by the deteriorating situation in Port au Prince. For a few days now, Haiti is under "total lock", rendering the people hostage in their own land. The country has undergone a complete meltdown of security, skyrocketing prices of fuel and other basic necessities, and a general lockdown, in which banks have closed, markets are stop and go, reliable access to funds and basic necessities has disappeared, collective transport has come to a halt, and people have seen their livelihood and even mere survival disrupted. Larger and larger numbers of people are demonstrating on the street, asking for change.

Marleine Bastien, Executive Director of Family Action Network Movement (FANM), stated “Haiti is going through the worst crisis in recent history. I have been receiving calls from family members in the U.S. and from Haiti asking for help. Right now the country is under total "lock, peyi-a lok” . There is no fuel , no food, the cries of the Haitian people fell hollow amidst the deafening silence of the international community. Haiti needs help now. It needs security and safety from the on-going violence. Otherwise, the people will continue to risk their lives in rickety boats to make it to the land of the free.”

FANM’s Political Director Paul Namphy decries the Biden's administration decision to continue deporting Haitians to Haiti in the midst of this on-going conflict. “We reiterate our call to the Biden administration to provide safe haven and due process for people fleeing violence and grave human right abuses in Haiti now!”

Prominent Immigration Lawyer Ira Kurzban stated:" The United States has a moral obligation to stop the violence in Haiti. We have continued to support an autocratic, anti-democratic government there to the detriment of the Haitian people and over the objection of every major human rights organization and members of Congress. Support democratic leadership and end the violence!"

IJDH Policy Coordinator Steve Forester added:'' The U.S. must stop imposing Haiti's leaders by supporting a corrupt, illegitimate, gang-connected regime which is blocking the possibility of Haitians forming a legitimate transition government , as 139 U.S. organizations urged this week.”


Family Action Network Movement (FANM) is a private not-for-profit organization dedicated to the social, economic, financial and political empowerment of low to moderate-income families.

Contact Information:, 305-756-8050


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