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  • Rhenie Dalger

FANM Children Stand in Solidarity with the Children in Detention In Homestead

More than 70 Family Action Network Movement (FANM) children went to the Homestead Detention Center to show their support to the children that have spent months in detention in condition that will carry long lasting traumatic effects as part of our Children For Family Reunification campaign.

Sagine Taluy, Community Organizer of Family Action Network Movement said, “It’s unacceptable to have children detained, locked away from their homes, loved ones and civilization. These children are being treated like criminals when they have done nothing wrong. They deserve better, and we as a country must unite and enforce our moral responsibility to ensure that this center and all the others along our borders are shut down immediately.”

Marleine Bastien, Executive Director of Family Action Network Movement said, “Today, there are more than 2300 children that are being held at Homestead detention Center. This is unacceptable. We at FANM believes that families belong together. These children belong in homes and schools, not in detention camps. ”

Please join our Children For Family Reunification campaign to show our solidarity to the children in detention at the Homestead Detention Center!

FANM's mission is to empower low to moderate-income families socially, financially, and politically and to give them the tools to transform their communities.

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